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Have you ever wondered how can do a park outreach event and how do I get started? Well, this is for you. Let’s discuss equipment!

Equipment depends on what you want to accomplish.  Do you want to draw people with music, voice over microphones, handing out handbills, a megaphone, a prop, lights, or signs?  Each of these require different equipments.  For example, anything that requires electricity will need an available electrical outlet or generator.  Handing out flyers or handbills (announcements) will require proper shoes, hat and clothing for the time frame and weather.  In every effort, you will want to recruit the necessary number of people to make the effort effective.  Props will need proper visibility from a distance and sound will need a way to be monitored for indoors and even outdoor sound restrictions.  Signs must withstand the weather (heat or cold, wet or windy).  In every case, test your equipment at the actual site if possible (or somewhere comparable) to allow time to make improvements where needed.  Here is an example: We placed signs strategically around a park 2 weeks in advance of having a concert in the park with free food.  We used permanent marker on the signs and covered them in clear plastic in case it rains.  The signs were well anchored into the ground.  We went to check on the signs one week later and every sign had no writing on them whatsoever because the moisture from the heat and humidity (after the rain) had created water underneath the clear plastic that washed the writing right off the poster board (which were mounted to metal yard signs).  Because the signs may have been placed in areas mowed by the city, some of them had also been removed.